Making Off - PANICULATA´S a/w Collection

Doing a photoshoot is a really long process. 
It takes so... long to have everything ready.

First of all you need a name for your collection. A good story to tell. Fabrics that fit the personality that you want for your models. Which will express what that "Paniculata Girl is all about".

So when you have it all ready. It has to be time to roll and hit the cameras!

You would really be amazed by how much help you need. A photographer, Stylists, hairstylists, make up artists, a guy filming all the act....

I just get so nervous organizing every simple little detail. In the meanwhile I just get thousands of questions at the same time. "Gabi, what time is David coming...?", "Gabi, Is this my outfit...?", "Gabi, shoulf i fix her make up...?", "...maybe an other hairdoo...?"
All you want is to make it look perfect! :)
Then you stop and watch for just one second...
You see all those people that believe in you and just want to try their best for you, to help you.

That moment is such a mix of emotions and sensations. 
And it simply feels amazing...

This is my favorite photoshoot so far. Now, of course, i am working on my S/S collection & wish you will like and will be a step higher than this one.

I will always think that big things come from big souls.

But NOW I just don´t have enough words to thank this amazing people that helped me make "Our Days" REAL!



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