MOVEMBER ´14 !!!

 The Movember Foundation

The leading global organization committed to changing the face of men’s health.

Funded Programs

Men's Health Programs

The Movember Foundation’s key program in men’s health is their Awareness & Education piece.
So, what is it achieving exactly? In short, it’s educating and empowering men when it comes to their health.
Movember started with a conversation between mates and it’s a conversation that remains integral to how the Movember Foundation is changing the face of men’s health.

Today, it is just many more conversations. When you count the online and in person chat that takes place each Movember, it’s literally billions of conversations. These conversations transcend a casual discussion about moustache growth into serious conversations about men’s health.




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    1. Thank You! Sorry for replying so late :)

  2. Hola: efectivamente hay una campaña mundial dedicada a la salud de los hombres y a su prevención de enfermedades.

    1. Sí!!! Me alegro de que lo conozcas :)!!!


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