What design gives you back!

A month ago, a clothing company called me in to have an interview for a designer position. 

My job was to design a lot of really small collections. Each collection had to have a specified theme & make from one to five different types of clothing out of the same idea.

My first "mini collection" was like a "College & Sporty" type of designs.

I normally stick to my brand & when I see my designs made real I just feel like the happiest person in earth. Just can´t believe that something you imagine & design can become physical & real.

It´s the first time that I have designed for a big fashion company & after that see them in Online Shops, just makes me flip out!




  1. Sometimes Gabi as designers we are the most selfish people on earth because all we want to do is feel good and have everyone love what we make/do but there is something about the process of design that is so transformative and hedonistic. From raw to finished, from concept to product, it all can be incredibly frustrating but when it works it can be thrilling and exciting. I am certain there are endorphins involved and that is what I think drew me in to the profession. It started with drawing then I found that there was life in design. - Jimmy

  2. Congrats BTW
    Looks Great.


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